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    The signature style of Pomo Pizzeria creates an unparalleled pizza experience that combines authentic flavors with techniques handed down over generations. Our ingredients and process let you discover Neapolitan pizzas in the true tradition that goes back hundreds of years and thousands of miles to Napoli, Italy.

    We begin with slow-rising sourdough kneaded from a Pomo family recipe that includes highly refined organic wheat flour imported from Naples, Mediterranean sea salt, and water. Proofed over 24 hours then formed and stretched by hand, the dough is delicately prepared, embellished with our classic tomato sauce, mozzarella and an assortment of the highest quality ingredients available.

    Each pizza is finished at 905°F in our hand-built, wood-burning ovens, specially designed and constructed from ornate brickwork and bonded together with volcanic sands from the coastline of southern Italy.

    Our time-tested process guarantees baked-in flavors and a soft, aromatic, flavorful crust – the signature style of a true Pizza Napoletana. Certified by Verace Pizza Napoletana and Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, Pomo Pizzeria offers the most authentic Italian dining experience outside of Italy itself.

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    Stefano Fabbri is founder and chairman of Pomo Restaurant Group, a Phoenix-based corporation that owns six restaurants in Arizona.

    Fabbri has been involved in the restaurant industry since his early years, when his grandfather opened his first bakery in 1949 in a little village in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Later as a teenager, with the help of his grandfather and his father, Fabbri worked in the family bakery, where he learned traditional cooking techniques and how to use the finest and freshest products.

    The passion for Italian cuisine, the authentic food, and the support of his family has given Fabbri great culinary knowledge, while his passion for food gave him the inspiration to open his own restaurant concept.

    In 2009, Fabbri moved to Phoenix from Italy and finally decided to realize his dream of opening his own restaurant. In March, 2010, together with executive chef Matteo Schiavone, Fabbri opened Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana.

    The first location was opened in the Scottsdale Borgata. In April of 2013, Pomo closed its Borgata location to open a new location in downtown Phoenix. After six months, Fabbri opened Pomo’s second location to a 4,000 square-foot space at Gainey Village in Scottsdale.

    In March 2014, Fabbri founded Pomo Restaurant Group, LLC (PRG) with his partners, Mark Proto and Matteo Schiavone. In January 2015, PRG started a joint venture with the Italian entrepreneur Leonardo Zacchino and opened two more restaurants: Pomo Pizzeria and Toscana Osteria, both located in Glendale.

    Since he started PRG, Fabbri has never stopped working on new ideas about how to expand. In July 2015, he opened a new restaurant in Gilbert, just six months after he opened his Glendale location.

    Fabbri and his group are currently working on a new project, slated to open in central Phoenix.



    Mark Proto was born in North London, and was raised by an Italian family. During Mark’s younger years he was taught Italian culture and cuisine in his family owned Italian Bistro.

    Mark’s love for the business side of the Bistro led him to open his own telecom business that was very successful.

    Melding his love for business with his knowledge of Italian food and culture, he then came to the US in 2009 to start Pomo Restaurant Group with Stefano.


    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Cricket Pearson is a genuine and hardworking person who has a love for quality food and people. Pearson has 20+ years experience in the restaurant industry. Working her way to a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Pearson played multiple roles while settling into the position of bartender. Her high energy, big smile and genuine interest in people kept her customers coming back to see her on a regular basis. With an intense background in sports Cricket has always understood the importance of respect, hard work and leadership. This experience made her role as supervisor and soon manager a natural progression.
    Cricket moved from the east coast to Scottsdale, AZ in 2009 and accepted a job at Pomo Pizzeria. She was drawn to the quality of food and believed in the concept of the restaurant immediately. Since joining Pomo, Pearson has held the position of server, bartender, supervisor, manager and most recently and well deserved General Manager of the entire Pomo Restaurant Group. Pearson has been an essential part of opening of four Pomo locations in three years time, Gilbert, Phoenix, Glendale and Scottsdale, AZ. Cricket oversees the Gilbert and Phoenix locations while you can catch her most regularly at the ‘mother ship’, Scottsdale. She is the one with the big smile.


    Niecco Capone is an Italian-American pizzaiolo with nine years of experience in the restaurant industry. Capone learned the art of pizza making from his grandfather, himself a pizzaiolo based in Chicago.

    Capone’s experience in pizza making is a family affair – he meets with his relatives for a “pizza night” family reunion every year in Chicago. During that reunion, he trains and improves his pizza making skills.

    Capone now serves as a pizzaiolo and kitchen manager at Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana in Gilbert.


    Alexander Kubes is a native of northern Illinois.  He moved to Arizona in 2012 to attend Arizona State University and major in  Special & Elementary Education. During his time at ASU, he began to take an interest in Mixology and became a certified Mixologist.

    Kubes began working for Pomo Scottsdale in April 2014.  His empathetic and patient personality shines brightly.

    Alex is currently the general manager at the Gilbert location.


    Michelle Decker, originally from Seattle Washington, has worked with Pomo since it opened it’s doors at the Borgata in 2010.
    Chelley has a true ​joy and pleasure for service​ as she loves meeting new people and creating friendships.  Her excitement for Italian history and culture has kept her close to Pomo.
    She is currently our marketing and special events co-ordinator.


    Maurizio Borro was born in Rome, Italy.
    Growing up, he spent most of his time educating himself with the rich history of his Roman culture.

    Borro came to the United States in 2010, and landed himself a serving position at the original Pomo in the Borgata.  Being a Rome native, not only did serve, but he has and continues to share his Roman culture Pomo guests.

    You can visit Maurizio at the Pomo Scottsdale location.


    Lawson Davis was born in Florida, however he lived the majority of his life in Atlanta, GA. Davis attended the University of Georgia, and is a huge fan of his alma mater and their football team. After leaving UGA he entered the United States Navy and was stationed in Naples, Italy for three years. That is where he began his love of Italy, it’s people and their food.

    After his tour in the Military he returned to Atlanta to run a family business for 20 years.

    Recently Lawson relocated to Scottsdale looking for a new challenge. He began working for Pomo Restaurant Group and is now the General Manager for Pomo Pizzeria in Scottsdale.